What does DDI mean?

The term "DDI" stands for DNS, DHCP and IP address management (IPAM). These three components work closely together and build on or depend on each other. It therefore makes sense to consider holistic management of all three components.

DNS stands for Domain Name System and is used - in simple terms - to assign human-readable names to IP addresses, for example p-square.de to IP Furthermore, many additional functions are based on DNS, e.g. e-mail with MX servers and e-mail security with DMARC, DKIM and SPF or name-based services such as Virtual Hosts, which help to save scarce IPv4 addresses.

DHCP means Dynamic Host Control Protocol and refers to the automatic assignment of IP addresses and network configurations to devices regardless of their function.

IPAM, or IP address management, means the planning, provisioning, management and monitoring of IP addresses and networks and their usage.

As the number of network-enabled devices grows and security requirements increase, so do the demands on DDI, because manual management quickly reaches its limits and poses additional dangers.

Our services

  • Infrastructure and architecture planning
  • Implementation and migration planning
  • Project management, implementation and/or migration
  • Support of the operations team or operation as a managed service


The first step should always be an analysis of the current landscape. What does the current management of DNS, DHCP and IPAM look like? What technical requirements exist or will arise in the future? What are the security requirements? What are the sore points, where are there problems that need to be solved?

This results in an architecture that provides solutions for the requirements and problems.

Implementation & Migration Planning

Among other things, we provide support in the selection of suitable products or develop project design and migration concepts.

Implementation & Migration

In accordance with the plans, we build infrastructure or carry out a migration of the existing infrastructure and clean up the inventory.

Operational support or managed service

After implementation, our experts provide support for in-house staff or operate the service as a managed service according to customer requirements.