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Digital Workplace

Digital Workplace - The New Normal

The Corona pandemic in 2020-2022 marked a significant turning point for the working world in many companies. Suddenly, home office had to become possible for most employees in the office, and suddenly digital communication had a much higher priority than before.

For the vast majority of employees, e-mail was already part of their daily work routine before the pandemic, but chats, video conferences and digital collaboration became increasingly important. And for many companies, there was a significant boost in the digitization of work processes.

A stable and reliable platform that meets the needs of employees and that supports rather than hinders them in their work has thus become a central component of the new world of work.

We can provide in-depth advice on how best to make the new tools available to your colleagues and employees without compromising work or even security. And we live this ourselves - we have been living digital collaboration ever since we were founded.

Platforms for e-mail communications

Most people have only a vague idea of how email actually works.

You write a text in your desktop program, in the webmail interface or in an app, click a button and within a few seconds it has reached the other person - regardless of whether he or she is sitting at the desk opposite or on another continent.

Many people are not aware that there is a complex system behind this, with many different components interlocking and talking to each other, and that an e-mail sometimes passes through 20 different nodes before it reaches the recipient.

In addition, challenges arise because an e-mail works almost like a physical letter with all its problems: How do I know the sender on the letterhead is real? How can I prevent someone from intercepting and reading the mail? What can I do about the unsolicited bulk mail? What can I do to ensure that my e-mails actually arrive and are not sorted out beforehand?

That's why there are many challenges in running a secure, available and usable email system. Whether the email system is Microsoft Office 365 or a self-hosted Postfix with Dovecot, it takes expertise here to run this service in the way users expect.

We bring this expertise and 20 years of experience in operating email platforms, so that your customers, colleagues and employees also receive all mails from you - and no one else!

Web Applications

Web applications are an important element of digital collaboration - just open the browser, type in an address, and get to work. Without the need to install software on every computer, without the need to roll out updates to all users, without the need for firewall releases to central databases.

And operated in the cloud or in a data center, it is also potentially available to anyone, anywhere: Employees, business partners, customers. In the office, at other company locations, on the road. On the PC, the tablet or the smartphone.

And such applications range from a simple form that triggers a single action, such as an email, to a complex suite of applications.

We help you select and customize the right software for digital collaboration and its operation.